Monday, November 2, 2009

November Training Goals

October flew by and the cool air as moved in. Time overhaul my training.
In the past month, I took a more laid back approach to my cardio workouts just making sure I had at least 5-1-2 hr moderate-high intensity cardio sessions per wk. (total of 9 hrs of cardio min.) ranging from boxing, running, alternate/ cross training, cycling, and spinning.

This week I am bringing back interval training; track and all. Memories of fartleks and SI training along with anaerobic thoughts come to mind. It's a great feeling pushing yourself to a breaking point hopefully not going past that point though.

Being a Kent State student, I am lucky enough to have access to the KSU indoor track and all the wonderful, yet painful 300m laps it has to offer.

I will start back slowly week incorporating only 1 session of SI's 6-10x400, 3-5x200 finishing with 2x50 dashes. Sounds easy. hah um no but what can I say...I enjoy the challenge it offers.

First workout: warm up (1-1.5mi) SI (800 jog letting HR drop to 50-60% MAX), (1-1.5mi cool down). Total estimated distance: 10 miles give or take. My SI time for 400 will be 1:36-38sec. 200 time will be 47-49sec. Light jog in between.

1-Nov 22: Fall Classic in Strongsville. I hope to break my PR for the half-marathon.
2-Run a sub 21:30 (at least once this month or better) in the 5k.
3-Don't die in Cyclocross Races.