Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm BACK!!!!

-well actually I'm still in Colorado
-not quite racing again
-BUT...I am getting back into my pre-season routine.

January is for base miles, and base miles I have been doing!

Last Week Totals: SUN 10-SUN 17:
Swimming-1.5 mi (so i need a little improvement!)
Indoor cycling/spinning- 110 mi
Outdoor cycling: 185
Running: 18 mi (EASY)
Indoor Cross Training: 2 hrs
Strength/Core/Weights: 2.5 hrs

=I'm getting into shape!...even if I ate a whole BBQ Chicken pizza last night..so goooood

Jan-April I will be focusing on bike crits, TT's, road races with the occasional 5K-20K if I can handle it!. My goal in May is to run another marathon and work on fine tuning myself for the Buckeye 50K in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park on July 17. Can't Wait!!

This Wednesday I am having a bike fitting at the shop that sponsors the University of Northern Colorado's team. My goal by the 1st of March is to switch out my 8-speed parts on my Raleigh cadent to 9/10-speed and hopefully I can find a bike frame within my price range and just switch it all up.

Sat/Sun I will hopefully be running (maybe racing) a 4 mile run in Boulder, CO (about 30 miles south of Greeley). I want to see what I still got left!

In other news, I might teach spinning at the university rec center on campus but I do like NOT working for once. I have all this free time where I can go out for a bike ride and get actually 'lost'. Oh and of course studying for once....

Well that's it for now! Hope everyone had a great new year and started the year out right!