Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 tens days till I bring on the PAIN.
That's right folks. I start racing for UNC Cycling at U. of Northern 10 days. ahhh
(It should be quite interesting...)

Well to be fair, I might not do so bad after all. I have been logging miles like its my job and quickly ALREADY over that awesome 1000 mile mark for the year.
-averaging over 200mi on the bike each wk closer to 250mi
-running is going well. I felt well great in terms of how great one can actually feel on a 8 mi tempo run where i average 9.3mph the last 2 miles with a roughly 2% grade up.
Its clear. I am in much better shape than probably even May this time last year so hopefully all the base miles, intervals, etc will pay off! Hell, I have even been swimming regularly.

Summary of this weeks workouts:
Sunday-1hr moderate run, 2hr trainer ride
Monday-45min core/strength, 30min boxing, 30min exercise bike, followed by 1hr of intense intervals. (10m warm up, interval sets, 2 min easy, intervals sets, 5min cool down)
Tuesday-8mi tempo run, 1 hr bike on trainer, 30 weights/core (light session)
Wednesday-(so far) 45min swim, (to come)-another swimming sessions, either a bike ride OR trainer. BUTTT Its actually in the upper forties today and SUNNY um hopefully i can squeeze sometime for an outdoor ride : )

P.S. I am attempting to link blogs I read or read in the past and lost the links...Feel free to send a comment linking it or another blog you feel i show take note towards. : )