Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Solid Workout

Do you know that feeling the morning after a good solid effort workout and you know your gonna hurt?
This morning I felt it again. A couple yawns later I faced the music, sat up in bed feeling every core muscle screaming at me. It must have been those extra back extension exercises dammit!

A couple Advil later...and Life is Good.

I have been out in Colorado for exactly 1 month now and its flown by so fast.
One week in to actual workouts with base miles behind me and I am still alive...

This weekend I finally decided to check up on about a month's worth of homework and internship paperwork for the summer telling myself I would do my long ride on Sunday. That was until the weather report said snow. So I still accomplished what i needed to-4 hrs on my trainer-2 movies later, 5lb lighter (water loss), and countless 'third' interval sets and I did it. ..

On Mondays, I usually take that as my one day off the bike minus a recovery day. I swim in the morning, lifted weights, 1hr of core and strength, and decided to through on some wraps and beat the shit out of a 100 lb bag at the gym.

This week looking ahead:
Tuesday (today):
-minimum 90min spinning w/ 'third' intervals
-core/strength 30min
-ply metrics 30 min
-quick run? we shall see

-hard swim workout
-hr run-moderate pace

-90min spin
-swim in the evening

Sun-bike ride with Andrew