Monday, March 22, 2010


Hey everybody.
well its that time of year when I never fail to get sick.
Unfortunately I felt that I was not in good shape to race this past Sunday at Colorado State and decided it would be better to rest up and prepare for the upcoming weekends races.

3 races in all:
1-Sat am individual time trail hill climb
2-Sat pm class crit
3-Sun am road road. (right now i believe its a 30mi-ish race)

The UNC Cycling Team is doin awesome individually with a small core group of riders.
In the other news the team had an article written about us about a week ago in the Greeley Tribune. I'm attempting to post the link as well along with pictures to come later on.
Here's the link:

This past week was my spring break. it was awesome to catch up with a lot of people especially the Grunt Girls. We had a fun trail run Sunday morning out at Pines Lane(lakes). (I cant remember). Unfortunately I started getting sick midweek or so but it was still an awesome trip back home. I actually took 5 days off. not working out all. crazy?! I think Ive taken off 7 days total (minus spring break) since the beginning of the year lol.