Thursday, September 9, 2010


 Acouple of weeks ago, a group of us went down to Mohican for some MTB. Nancy Desmond, brought a poster for the National Parks and Recreation and we took a picture all together. It made the website-were famous now.

Monday-2 rides; est 2 hr ride in the am and est 1 hr ride in the evening
Tuesday-lifting weights (UB) and commuting (40mins riding)
Wednesday-Night Ride at Reagan Park
Thursday-45mins commute ride, easy 3 mile run and UB lifting

So I was sittin in class today, zoning at in my usual matter when hit it me. For real I said it out loud in class-Three Days Till REV 3. Where did the time go??

Good News: I dropped some cash for some awesome massages and I no more severe pain when running!
Funny News: I haven't run more then 5 miles in well over a month due to injury!
Entertaining News: I am gonna shake up an advil bottle and pour some into my hand and THAT will be my doze for Sunday...

Young-ins....The stupid shit we pull.