Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back to Conditioning

Mon Nov 28: Taught Spin/ Chest N Back Weight lifting/Strength Conditioning ~3 hr gym session
Tues Nov 29: Spin class/Strength/ Biceps,shoulders,triceps weight lifting ~ 2.5 hr gym session
Wed Nov 30: Taught Spin/lower body lifting/some plyometrics/Ray's MTB session ~5 hrs
Thur Dec 1: trainer session~2 hrs
Fri Dec 2: full body weight lifting session~90 mins

Long weekend rides start officially Sunday. I am riding 4-5 hours, 7am-12pm around the CVNP.
Next week long(er) rides are tentatively scheduled for Friday 1pm-5pm; Saturday 7/8am-12pm.
Ride On.