Thursday, January 5, 2012

Map My Workout

For 2012 I am trying to give map my workout/garmin uploads another chance...I hope syncing the calendar with my upcoming workouts with my normal calendar agenda makes things easy. Time will tell

The RAAM countdown is T-minus 170 something days. Let the training and lack-of-free-time & a social-life-begin! In all honestly I love it but like anything it can have its challenges.

New Years day was a good start to the year. Monday was a rest day given the heavy week of hours the week prior. Tuesday began with a gym workout including sub-max lower body lifting, core strength work, and some plyometrics. Finished the workout with some work on the bike (trainer) for a hour. The kicker is leg press left my with a sore ass!

Wednesday I took advantage of the day off and began with a pilates workout at Bodywave Pilates. At noon I went to Ray's Indoor MTB for a few more hours of fun...In the evening I met up with a friend for one fun zumba class-throw in some shoulder, bicep, and triceps work-I feel like I earned my nap today.

Today was a long but steady trainer ride. 4 hours later...and some oatmeal with peanut butter, cous cous, sweet potato, 2 gu chomp packets.....and made one bad ass chicken sausage stir fry for dinner.

I haven't posted any videos lately...Check out the Lifecycle Video. Makes you enjoy getting lost a little

Tomorrow the plan is to get in 1:30-2:30 on the trainer...Gotta love snow-though hopefully I'll get an early start at the gym-lower body lifting, core strength, and some TRX