Monday, April 16, 2012

Recap March-April

Every semester here at Kent State goes faster than the previous. However, I think my time has come to move on. I write this as my classy neighbors are "throwin down yet another fight in the park lot" yes park they call it. Like I said, I'm ready to move out of Kent. Not sure IF I'm ready to move back in with my parents for 2 Months?!?! BUT- on the horizon my lease is official. I have a place to live in North Carolina in August not left to sleep on the streets with just my cervelo.

So there's been a lot that has taken place!
(1) I won an award from the Kent State college of Education, Health, and Human Services for my Service and Leadership work! Woohoo!
(2) I graduate from Kent State with my B.S. in Exercise Science on Cinco de MAYO
(3) RAAM, Race Across AMerica, is only TWO MONTHS away from the start on June 16.
(4) I surrender my freedom and move back to Strongsville (for 2 months) beginning in May. I hope to decrease the amount of times I am struck in my hometown this summer....seriously.
(5) My big bro has is wedding shower in July!!!
(6) After I will enlist his help to move me, the six bikes, and the rest of my life packed into cardboard boxes down to Boone, North Carolina.

I've been told I already talk too fast and NEED to slow down... This will be an interesting culture shock. Oh, Saweet Tea (spelling for the "correct pronunciation") will probably replace my obsession with Mexican Coca Cola.

After this weekends wondering weather surprise my cycling tan lines are turning out well (well is a relative term. cycling tan lines are horrible yet I'll continue to embrace it until my raccoon face syndrome is beyond help).

It doesn't look like I'll be doing a lot of racing prior to RAAM due to everything taking place. Maybe one or two thrown in. Time will tell.

Shout out to the cool dude I ran into whose a spinning instructor- small world! Good luck with your upcoming cycling adventures!