Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Long Overdue Post

I cannot believe its been months since the past write-up. I guess part of it was due to lack of motivation as well as this account was tied to my school account. A hour later.....I finally switched the account over and I can once again easily access it! I must admit, most updates in the past came when I would be sitting either in class, between class, or procrastinating studying.

Well I'm back!

The last few months have been filled with twists and turns with so much happening. So here's the breakdown. Surprising to some I finished my undergraduate degree at Kent State University in Exercise Science, B.S. I preceded to move out of Kent back to the west side of Cleveland.

Moves are never ending with constant hiccups along the way. Mine was no different where I fractured my right foot (small cuboid fracture)...4 weeks prior to RAAM-Race Across America. I spent a few days whining complaining...Then 1 day I had enough of my competitive bird watching, puzzle building, movie watching self and started to aggressively rehab the injury. All was going well. The night before the race began in Oceanside, California I aggravated the injury while attempting to jog/run through the sand to the ocean. FAIL. I lasted about 20 feet? Internally I went into a serious "freak-out" mode. Luckily I got over it but the next morning. Sure I was sore, tender, and in some discomfort but it wasn't nearly as bad as I originally thought. (Post RAAM xrays have shown that I fractured my cuboid twice. I currently have no range of motion medially or laterally at the moment but I can clip in therefore I can ride!)

Then RAAM. Talking to friends since the race people keeping asking me to write a 'race report'. I apologize to those who want to read more in detail but I would just rather not. Personally for me, I think I am done with team relay RAAM. It can be a GREAT learning experience, there's no doubt about that. However, after my second year I have realized that I have no desire to race across the country, nor rely on eating gas station food entirely, nor feel like I am in some messed up experiment: "Let's see what happens when you put a bunch of type A personalities together, throw in a race, across the country, and GO." No thanks. If you have questions, you are more than welcome to ask away :)

I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the coolest people EVER through aid stations, organizers of the event, my fellow team racers and crew members! I am honored to say I was apart of a team with them. Sometimes you hit a point where you know its time to move on.

I've been asked would I return?
Never say never- J. Beiber is right.
At this point in my life I want to focus on my career as I study at Appalachian State this Fall.
A few years down the road, RAAM? Who knows- RAW Race Across West (California-to-Colorado), or different team formats such as the 8-person.

It's no secret I prefer to be off road though. I've had some trouble feeling comfortable off road due to head injuries in the past. However since I've moved back to Strongsville my home away from home are the new Royal view Mountain Bike Trails (they deserve to be in caps). I wish I would be able to dedicate more time to assist with the building of these trails in the past few months. I gotta thank you everyone who put in time to make these trails a possibility. Thank you Cleveland Metroparks, CAMBA, and all the awesome volunteers. Most people have visited the trails by now I assume. If you haven't, plan a trip to check them out!

Speaking of these trails....I have been told about the gnomes..hiding in the trails. After seeing the first one I thought I'd add to fun. There's a new gnome hiding under one the many bridges. Have fun trying to locate it :)

With that being said I think some long distance off road events would be a lot of fun.

Today marks 3 WEEKS LEFT in good ole Cleveland, Ohio. Most of my boxes are packed and labeled. Car shopping for a 4 wheel drive vehicle is starting to narrow down to replace POS, Piece of Shit Pontaic Sunfire. My car has been good to me. I will actually- seriously missed it. Not many cars can make you laugh as you sit behind them in an intersection- POS did. It shall leave on for a few months in Strongsville. Feel free to add to the bumper sticker collection that continues to grow.

My garden including 20+ tomato plants and 30+ other plants is coming along too! It has yielded the first round of cucumbers and peppers. Gotta add at least one random statement in here.

If you have a burning desire to meet up with me before I move- contact me!

Next Up..Boone, North Carolina.