Sunday, January 6, 2013

Long Time No Post

So long time no post. Fall 2012 wasn't an eventful athletic season for me while attempting to heal my right ankle. Recently using a dual channel TENS stimulator (mild electric stimulation) through electrode pads on my foot and ankle has seemed to help the healing process. I have now jogged up to 1 mile in walk-jog rotation without falling, tripping, or spraining.

This Fall I became more involved with weight training even trying to incorporate some power lifting techniques into sessions. It appears that I have approved my strength and power. I spent most of the past few months wearing an air-cast and practicing on single-leg cycling techniques to improve my whole pedal stroke.

I'm now able to ride outside once again and with minimal discomfort on steeper grade climbs out of the saddle. On days when I need a change of scenery I've been riding at Ray's MTB Park in Cleveland. I'll be fine at Ray's as long as I stay off the main jump lines and stay to the xc line and pump track.

A few weeks ago I got a response back Anne Marie McSweeney Scholarship. In honor of  her, Anne's family in conjunction with the UMCA (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association) created a scholarship fund has been set up in her name. The scholarship fund assist women cyclists to attend the PAC Tour in Tucson, AZ. I am grateful to be a recipient along with another female cyclist for the 2012 scholarship.

My Scholarship Application:

My interest in cycling began at age 16 after a few years of participating in high school cross country. Due to over training, I had developed stress fractures limiting my running for several months. As I began a rehabilitation program and trained in the athletic training room, I was suggested to try training on the exercise bikes available. After months on the standary bike for my sixteenth birthday I decided to purchase my first road bike. The best decision I have ever made was buying that bicycle. It has shaped me into the person I am today.

Through the next few years my interest in cycling grew from local biathlon races, MS Society’s Pedal to the Point, the Great Ohio Bike Adventure (GOBA). I then became interested in other disciplines of cycling as cyclocross, cross country mountain biking, BMX racing, and most recently track cycling. This past summer I volunteered as an intern with a Cleveland local non-profit group, Fast Track Cycling to assist in building the Cleveland Velodrome. My involvement in endurance road cycling became my focus however after participating in back-to-back Race Across America (RAAM) 4-person teams in 2011 and 2012.

Currently I am working obtaining my degree, Exercise Science (MS). I would not have found my passion for this field if it was not for cycling. I am fortunate that I found cycling at a younger age in life. It has been crucial in my development in r in Exercise Science, as an athlete, and incorporating health and wellness into life style. The Anne Marie McSweeney Scholarship would be a great opportunity to not only ride but learn from others as well in the ultra-cycling community.

Cycling is not what I do but who I am. It has taught me discipline and allows for me to challenge myself in ways I never knew possible. The past few months I have been dealing with several fractures, ankle sprains, and a muscle tear in my right foot. My time has been spent on the bike trainer hoping to be back on the road in couple weeks. I persevere for the simple enjoyment of riding of bicycle. I would be honored to be the recipient of the Anne Marie McSweeney Scholarship.

I'm excited to say the least! I wouldn't have known about the scholarship if it wasn't for Cassie, a local distance cyclist who was a recipient of the scholarship in the past. Thank you.

This year I have some big ideas. There's a crash course in what I have in mind...

February 1-3: Volunteering at Cyclocross Worlds - Louisville, Kentucky
March 23: Barry Roubaix - gravel/dirt road race in Michigan
March 23 - March 31: PAC Tour- Tucson, AZ (tentatively?)
April 6: Ride On Amish Country Roubaix Millersburg, OH
May 4: Calvin's Challenge 12 HR Springfield, OH
May 19: Cleveland Marathon bicycle escort, Cleveland, OH
June 15: National 24 Challenge Middleville, Michigan
...TBA June 16 - June 20
July 13: Saratoga 12 HR New York
August 11: 12 HR Challenge Marietta, Pennsylvania
September 1: 12 HR Midwest Port Bryon, Illinois
September 7: Ohio RAAM Challenge Dublin, Ohio

If I can perform well this year maybe I can find a way to make it out to California for Pacific Cycling Challenge 6-12-24 World Time Trials

If the Ohio races seem confusing I relocated back in Cleveland, Ohio. Every few years I've moved away to realize just how much I love this city. I will be attending Kent State University this Spring working towards my master's in Exercise Science followed by a Exercise Science doctorate degree. This year I also plan to race some local criteriums, road races, track, BMX, cross-country mountain bike, and cyclocross on the occasional off week.

Here's to 2013.

Ride On