Saturday, September 12, 2009

1 Year From Today

1 Year From Today will be the most atisipated Ironman triathlons in Sandusky, Oh at Cedar Point.
Next fall, race presenter Revolution3 will stage both full and half Ironman-length triathlons from Cedar Point and the surrounding area. At stake for professionals is a prize purse worth $150,000, a sum rarely seen outside the branded Ironman series.

For triathletes in Northeast Ohio, the timing could hardly be better. Revolution3 arrives on the market just as the Mentor-based Greater Cleveland Triathlon has discontinued its half-Ironman race, the longest event of its kind north of Columbus.

By offering both 70.3- and 140.6-mile races, Revolution3 fills two important gaps, offering practical, local alternatives to the popular Ironman brand, whose events tend to sell out quickly and are only available in surrounding states.

So today it offically begins. I have 365 days, 1 year to the Cedar Point Full Ironman Race. No more talk, just results.