Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brady Leap Adventure Race

As last Friday rolled around I decided I should probably sign up for this race I have heard a few things about and I am glad I did.

Once signing up, I realized that there were mostly teams so I decided to call up Stacy Rhea of Grunt Girl Racing to see if she would care to join. She did and we were Team Grunt Girls 2.

This was different from any race I have done in the past including other adventure style races. We given up a map that had 10 checkpoints in order. Even though I normally suck at directions, I was in luck because the 5mile radius around Kent in which the race consisted of is my usual running and cycling routes. Trouble came with kayaking. Well I used to kayak on occasion, it defiantly showed that I was not as good as I used to be. I almost tipped over our 2 person kayak and came extremely close to whacking Stacy in head with my paddle.

Once we hit the two checkpoints on the water, I was ready is get back on the bike. Two more checkpoints then we rode to the rec center where I finished with a climb on the rock wall.

Our finishing time was 2:15:00
It was a great way to spend a Saturday, running around having fun.

I am really great at over doing everything and sometimes racing quite too often. I feels great to come out and just do something like this for fun. Stacy and I had an awesome support crew as well with Andrew, Andrea, and her son cheering us on the taking pictures along the way. It made the race that much better seeing them.

I love this picture above is after the kayaking transition. Left is both grunt girl teams: (Left to Right: Stacy, Melissa, Trisha, and Me.

I can't wait till next year! Maybe next year Andrew and I will race together...