Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm really happy for you and all, and I'm gonna let you finish but...

This Sara's Boyfriend Andrew, I though I'd interrupt and hijack her blog and throw up some pictures from the Cyclocross race we did last Saturday.
Blog Hijack!!!!!!!

Commentary by Sara

Left: Barriers

Right: Coming out of the spiral of death to the barriers once again.

Left: I am pretty sure I was thinking, why the hell do I do this again?!?

Right: Admiring my dirt covered scratch that MUD covered bike. It must have weighed another 20lbs after the race...That baseball field haunts me in the sleep

Left: Starting line. Way out of my league...Wishing I had some rest days prior.

Right: Downward slope after the run up barrier. crazy fun

Pictures Above: Some nice close ups of the spiral of death. I swear I almost came to a complete stop like a track stand in the mud on the last lap. I simply had nothing left.

It was my first 45 min. cyclocross race and it kicked my butt but so much fun and I'll gladly do it again!