Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crazy Busy Week

Well.. It's over. well almost. I am practically half way through the fall semester and midterms and the second wave of difficult exams are coming up soon. This past week, I have only 1 day where I slept 8 hours consistently needless to say I was not feeling amazing for the cyclocross race this past weekend at Willoughby called Cross Your Heart, Hope to Die CX race. I finished. yep that is about it. After the first turn I was ready to back it off and after lap 1 I had quite a difficult time just trying to clip in to my pedals. Time to up grade my mud-clogging pedals. Maybe then I will actually be able to use them!

This week I became the newest member to Grunt Girl Racing, whose sponsors include Bike Authority, Vertical Runner, and Women's Connection Multi-Sport. I am excited to be apart of this team and what they stand for...

What Lies Ahead:
and hopefully some decent training this week. No 5k race this morning. My legs need a break i decided.

Next weekend, Brady's Leap Adventure Race in Kent. This is my kind of racing running, biking, crossing the Cuyahoga River, nothing better than going through freezing water when the outside temp is below 40 degrees. Should be interesting.