Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recovery Week

I took it easy this week as far as workouts and with midterms rolling around...

Monday-easy 2 mi run, 14mi bike (moderate)
Tuesday-endurance spinning class, interval with (85%HR 2 laps running, 5min ab/core, 5min boxing) 5x. Just a little sore...
Wednesday-10mi. bike ride
Thursday-moderate-paced run (KSU running club)
Friday-teaching morning spinning class
Saturday- Cyclocross race in Willoughby,OH
Sunday-4hrs Spinning clinic...should be interesting...,followed by a night run! hopefully
Next week back to the 2hr routine...long, slower days followed by interval training building up. I'll be hitting up the indoor track soon. Always fun to train in there.

Spinning Play list this wk is one of the following:
1-movie soundtrack -OR-
2-top 40 hits