Monday, October 12, 2009

OVXC UN13 Festival

This past weekend I skipped out of town Thursday stayed overnight to Columbus then Friday made my way to Cincinnati for Day 1 of the OVXC Festival. The first race was put on by Dark Horse Racing and took place at Devou Park in Convington, KY. In this area in particular the forecast called up to 5 1/2 inches of rain. Forget dirt all together...bring on the rain and mud. The course wasn't not horrible challenging at least dry it would not have been.

The first race consisted of juniors, women cat. 3/4, men 3/4. Quite a large field over one race. 3 laps and 1 decent sprint finish I came out with 2nd place for women cat 3/4 under 34.

Sunday was a whole other race. A few months ago I planned to race the Towpath full marathon. Things came up and I did not do my full long runs and that lead me to downgrade to the half marathon this year. I ran the course last year and once again I think it might be my favorite half-marathon course. It takes place at the right time of year, beautiful scenery, and running on crushed limestone makes it all that much better.

I ended up finishing with a time of 1:42:08 (for a training run). Very pleased and a fun race even if I was parking as the race begun.

**If you plan to run at this event, arrive 2 hours, yes 2 hours prior because traffic is worse at this event than any other I have ever seen. The shuttles for post-race get backed up and do not run smoothly. My advise have someone arrive at Boston Mills to give you a lift post-race. The awards are awesome! There are pictures taken of Cuyhoga Valley National Park and signed with whatever award you relieved. (1st place age division).**

Good Job everyone! I was awesome to race against you girls again (Andrea and Erika) and hopefully I will see you at later races.

This week: Easy 14mi ride today on the cross bike-recovery ride.
Tuesday: Running Club, 2-4mi easy (active recovery)
Wednesday: Moderate intervals 1-2x mins high intensity for 1 hr
Thursday: Morning run
Friday: Spinning Class-new music!!

Saturday-Cross My Heart & Hope to Die Race in Willoughby, Ohio