Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today Andrew and I are having a cyclocross practice...Looking forward to it...I decided to head South this Friday/Saturday taking advantage of the fact that are no local cyclocross races.

This weekend is the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Festival in Cincinnati which includes 3 different locations & races around the Cinci Area. I will be racing Day 1 in Covington, KY (just South of Cinci borders). Let's just say I am ready to get my ass kicked! I am looking forward to it. Racing in the Woman Cat. 3/4 (under 34). Hey if I don't come in last...I'll feel accomplished!

Saturday I'll make my way back to Kent for the Towpath road race where I made the smart decision to down grade from the full Marathon to the half marathon. It is probably my favorite course I have ever ran.