Monday, October 5, 2009

Top 10 Finish

This past Sunday I decided to drive out to Painesville, OH for the Leroy Twp. Cyclocross race. Like the week before, I managed to get myself horribly lost yet still arrived 15 minutes prior to my race. A quick change, picked up a number & right to the start. (At least this time I did not start the race in my highest gear-Stark State KSU Race). They were 19 people total in the "c" race. 3 juniors, 15 men, and well me. I can say I was the last yet first woman...

Few seconds warning and we began. Estimated 30 minute long race (6 laps?-not quite sure)I good start I put myself in mid pack position and held on. The course was defiantly flater than the week prior and a fun woods section and some easier switchbacks. Part of all? MUD. There were 2 quite interesting sections where the dips became tricky as the race continued. Second to last lap, a guy was right behind hanging on so I pulled away on the straight flat sections. Going onto the last lap, I wanted to give it my all. The rider behind tried to pass and gained by 3 feet, showed signs of exhaustion and I blew him out of the water. I took that and did what I could to gain on the 5 guy pack slightly ahead of me. Just passed the barriers, I passed one of the men and gained on the others. At the finish places 6-10 (me) finished within 4 seconds of eachother. Great race overall and most importantly so much fun.