Monday, October 5, 2009

Spinning Playlist: Who knew 70's music could be so fun!

Spinning Playlist:
I had been playing a lot of the top 40 hits with a few classic rock songs so I thought it was time to switch it up!
70s and Dicso Playlist:

Warm up Songs-
Bill Whethers-Lean on Me
The Temptations-Build Me Up Butter Cup

Flat Road/Run-James Brown-Play that Funky Music White Boy (4:52)
Flat Rd: Gloria Estfan-Turn the Beat Around (3:45) (80-110 RPM)
Run/Jumps: 3 Dog Night-Joy to the World (3:00) (30 sec int. jumps)
Seated/Standing Climb: Earth, Wind, & Fire-Do You Remember (3:30) (75-80RPM) (75%HR)
Standing Climb: Donna Summers-Bad Girls Remix (4 0f 6:00) (85%HR)
Run/Jumps: Bee Gees-Disco Inferno (6:30) 1min-recover, jumps rotate 30 secs
Sprints: Blondie-One Way or Another (3:30) sprint in diff position during chorus
Climb: Jackson 5-ABC 1min-Recover, 2min climb (Steady)
Climb: Bee Gees-Stayin' Alive (4:45) Last min-begin bringing HR down
Sprints: Footloose (TT Sprints-different intervals for both groups through out)
Run/Jumps: Elton John-Crocodile Rock (3:45) 30 sec. intervals hold at certain spots
Climb: Grad Funk Railroad-Locomotion (3:00)
Climb/Jumps on Hill meets Sprints: Survivor-Eye of the Tiger (4:00)
Run: Tina Turner-I will Survive (3:30) Easy run 45sec int. bringing HR down to 60-50%
Cooldown Songs-
(stretching on & off bike)
Bee Gees-Grease Theme
Beatles- Let It Be