Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spinning Playlist

Wednesdays Class: focused on strength with challenging runs, jumps with a high cadance transitioning into climbs and a few solid minutes of off-n-on sprints till the end.
45min+ warmup/cooldown..
Warmup songs:
natasha bedingfield- wild horses
matt nathanson- come get higher
dana glover- thinking over

flat rd-keith urban -sweet thing (80-110RPM) (50-65% HR)
runs/jumps-tom petty-runniing down a dream (80-110RPM) (75-80HR)
standing flat/jumps-Mambo #5-(80-110RPM) (75%HR)
Climb 1: Red Hot Chilli Peppers-The Zyepher Song (increase every 45 sec interval)
Recovery/Climb 2: Nelly Furtado-Bird 1min Recover (60-80RPM) (increase every 45 sec int.)
Runs/Jumps: Martina McBride-For the Girls (60-80RPM) (75/80% HR)
Climb 3: Who-Teenage Wasteland (60-80 RPM) (70-92%HR-last 3o sec speed up RPM)
Jumps on Hill:Bon Jovi-Misunderstood 1 min. Recover-base hill 1st/3rd climb till 3rd hold
Sprints: Linkin Park- New Divide (team sprints 10-30 seconds spread evenly)
Run/Flats: Shinelover Down-Second Chance- (3:40) lite tension run loosen up legs, slowly HR to (70-65-55-50& HR) begin stretching
Cooldown Songs:
Five for Fighting-Easy Tonight
Miranda Lambert-More Like Her
The End :)