Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I like to Race

I got the bug that horrible cold that everyone manages to get on these early fall days but the bug, the need, like it's an addiction to race. Feeling the adrenaline rushing, heart pounding, the feeling exhaustion. I love it.

This weekend I began my fix in like a junkie starting Saturday morning. Months ago I made the commitment to be a bike escort in the Akron Marathon just about 30 minutes away from Kent State University. Not knowing exactly what to expect I was anxious and excited for the event. Two weeks ago I learned I would escort the Lead Woman Marathoner from roughly mile marker 19-just short of the stadium finish. Being a long-distance runner myself this was AWESOME!. There I am about three to five feet ahead and right of the runner, in idol of mine. It was truly amazing what one can accomplish at times and that was the perfect reminder to me to not sell myself short. This woman cruised on auto-pilot through mile 20 then like a switch on a well oiled machine kicked up the pace and was determined to run down the Elite Woman Marathoner roughly 1/3mi. ahead of her. By the finish she got and gained 20 seconds on her, passed 2 elite men marathoner and the second place relay team member. She looked strong as a left her with that final .2 miles left into the Akron Aeros Stadium.

After that event I was pumped up like no other. I did not care that I was wet and cold I was wanted to race. So I made my way back to mile marker 19, cheering on the other relay and marathon runners as I road. I knew there was a cyclocross at Stark State Campus-KSU. So I hurried home put the Motobecane bike on the rack and headed South. I just made it on time with 15mins to go till the start. I never raced cyclocross ever. Just built the bike that past Wednesday but I didn't care I just wanted to have some fun! Fun I did. The rain came down hard, downpour....

I fell hard, road harder, and had one hell of a time doin it! I had most likely 5-6 hard falls lol.. Most likely chip/broke my nose but it was worth it. I'll be back next weekend for a day of pain in Painesville for the next race of Bike Authority's Cyclocross Season.
Returned home..iced down. elevated the legs, cleaned up the bikes, and downed some Advil...

Sunday morning: My original plan was to race a 10k hard earlier in the week. The cyclocross race was not planned. So I decided to race an all-out 5k instead in Massillon. 5 AM. Not cool. Even with 6 hours of sleep but I woke up and went to the student center...No turning back now. 50mins drive roughly for a Subway Series Race. When I got out of my car. There it was..adrenaline pumping, heart rate increased I knew I was going all-out (even if it should just be a training run). I did my prerace warm up, stretching and was ready. I crossed the finish line as the first female in. It felt great. I mean really great. I reminder mile 1, looking at my garmin this accurate?! My legs felt loose yet strong..My arms, back, abs did not feel sore even though I crashed hard the day before. I might not have done any homework or studied this past weekend but I had a taste of why I love these two sports. It is a reminder that I set my own limitations therefore I can break them and continue to challenge myself.

Next weekend: Possible 4miler race, and for sure the Painesville Cyclocross Race. Just look for the racer covered in mud.