Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As the leaves begin to fall, the temperature starts to drop, and like clockwork comes the at times deary weather. The way I see it, you can look at the rainy half-full or half-empty...This past Tuesday I overslept over running club but that did not turn me away. I started at the student center and ran down summit street to Fred Fuller Park running South to Rt. 261 then back through Rt. 59. Garmin in hand, getting all my stats and ran this newly discovered trail at faster clips every mile. Jumping over logs, roots, planning out every stride ahead and escaped from everything else going on around thinking about homework, tests, class just running. That is why I run. It is an eascape from the everyday hassles and allows me to go off in my own world. Then add rain. Why does this make it that much better? I know walking out my door that the average person thinks I am crazy for even thinking about running outside 'in this horrible weather' (I in live Cleveland, Oh. The weather always sucks. It used to it). So there I am in the ran. It cools you off, letting my heart rate drop. I want to push myself harder than ever before. It gives me a reason to bust out the spandex early season. I sport the visor and tinted sunglasses so you can't tell what I am thinking. I am in my own place. Where I'll go? Only I know but in the rain I feel more isolated, calm, one in the road and trail and all I hear is the sound of rain drops, the pounding of my feet, and a steady breath. You next you want to feel the ultimate runner's high and undersand my passion, my stress reliever, my place: Run in the Rain.