Monday, September 21, 2009

Interval Spinning Playlist

Here's my latest playlist from Kent's SRWC.

Warm up: 4:49 coldplay- speed of sound
Warmup up 2: 3:12 Madonna- 4 mins
Seated climb: 5:29 U2-Where the Streets have no name
Seated climb: 5:21 Morning Jacket- One Big Holiday
Flat: 3:48 Blink 182- The Anthem Pt 2 (first 2 mins)
1st Interval Section:
1 min flat-100-110 RPM-*increase cadence downhill
45 sec flat-80-90 RPM-*increase resistance coming downhill flatting out
1 min seated climb 60-80 RPM *Crank up resistance
45 sec standing flat 80-100 RPM *decrease resistance (Top of the Hill)

Repeat through 3 more intervals (total of 4)
Ataris- Boys of Summer (4:18)
Evanescence- Bring Me To Life (3:57)
Good Charlotte- The Anthem (2:55)

Flat: 3:54 3 Doors Down- Kryptonite
Climb: 3:30 Spiderbait- Black Betty
Climb: 4:54 BTO-Takin Care of Business
Climb: 3:48 ELO- Turn to Stone
Climb: 3:32 Van Halen- Panama (30 seconds in come to a standing climb for 30 seconds)
Begin Cooldown
Cooldown: 3:14 The Police- Roxanne

Enjoy. The second set of climbs can be formatted as the first interval if preferred.