Monday, November 23, 2009

Time is flyin by and so am I

Ok so a stupid title to this entry but hey. I don't sleep a lot. That is my excuse. Since my last post I have been in and out of the CVNP doing some more hard trail runs solo and with the Grunt Girls and Andrew as well.

Last weekend was the Kent State main campus cyclo cross race. It was awesome to drive only 1 mile to the race and i was actually on-time to a cyclo cross race! I had some mechanical issues but still was able to ride through it and finished a respectable 2nd in the Women's C race. After the race is when my broken chain got in a fight with my derailleur and got tangled with the spokes. The outcome: new chain w/ power link, new derailleur, and some truing by Andrew to make my wheel straight. Thanks Andrew.

The bike was ready to go by Sunday night and I had some solid training this past week.
Monday: 5 mi run, core
Tuesday: CX practice-3 all out laps plus some, 3/3.5-ish mi trail run on the Buckeye Trail off of Pine Lakes.
Wednesday: Spinning Class, core, free weights
Thursday: 10mi bike ride w/ Hannah some road/KSU CX course
Friday: Spinning class, free weights, core *taped my spinning workout video!
Saturday: Pigskin Classic 5k

Saturday morning Andrew and I left from Akron to downtown Cleveland for the Pigskin Classic 5k put on by Hermes Cleveland and the Blind Pig. It used most of the same roads as other typical downtown 5k courses with a very race first mile. I ran a 6:05mi clip. The course leveled out then hit and out-n-back mark and back up the hill once again. I backed off on the last mile knowing that Sunday (next day) we would be racing CX so I came in at a chill 21:08. Not bad for a bruised knee. Andrew did amazing in his first 5k! I believe he came in at 24:08 (less than a 8min mi pace!!) Great job and I cant wait till our Turkey Trot! It was an awesome run and we met up with some of the Grunt Girls-Andrea, Paula, Kim, and Laura.Great job girls! Nothing better than a nice hard run to start the day.

On Sunday, Andrew and I went back up to Cleveland to Kirtland Park (pretty much right off of Lake Erie). We arrived early for a race and decided to walk the course to start and Andrew helped me pick my lines. Took our time signing in, riding the course a few times and did my usual pre-race rituals.
We had quite a large field for the C race yesterday and it was a fast, short course under 1 mile long. I made a point to come out strong and hold for the first 1/2 lap then one by one picked off people. Great race and I felt strong throughout and I ended up 1st for women in the C Race and 13th overall. Andrew had a great race with the B's too.
Great day except for a crash on the last descent of the final lap. Gotta love it. Oh well i got up and sprint out the finish with the rider behind me and just pulled ahead in time.

Rest is in my future after a weekend of racing.
Monday: Taught spinning, finished up an exercise video
I am still in school and I have an Chemistry exam Tuesday (tmr) that I am just REALLY looking forward to. All-nighter studying tonight. Followed by 3 lectures tomorrow then Thanksgiving break!!

This upcoming Thursday A.K.A. Turkey Day, Andrew and I are going to run a Turkey Trot to burn off some of those calories for later in the day. My supervisor for Spinning at SWRC, Judy Watkins, looked up some interesting yet depression numbers. The average Thanksgiving meal totals 3100 calories. I would have to run upwards of: 4 hours -OR-3 hours of intense biking to burn that off. No thank you.

Next weekend, who knows may by a last minute trip down to Dayton to race in the Cap-City Ohio State Championships?

Ok maybe I lied about the whole 'rest thing'