Monday, November 9, 2009

Trail Runnin

This past weekend I decided against a 5k road race on Sunday to hit the trails with some of the Grunt Girls for a lovely early Sunday morning run.

8:30am Boston Store off of Riverview Rd. in CVNP.
Brisk temp at 40ish or so. Still perfect for a tank and shorts in my opinion.
We started out nice & easy then hit the infamous Buckeye Trail. The trail head will be defiantly give you a wake up call with a nice graded climb.

I love this trail; with every challenge curve, leaves scattered across the ground, and all while trying to search for the next blue strip marker on the tree head about 20 ft. It is everything needed for the ideal trail run.

In the beginning of the run we decided as a group to do a solid 1hr run so therefore 30 mins out. As I approached the half-hour mark I climbed the perfect ridge of a hill that lead into another ridge consisting of a solid 1 1/2min border-line sprint up. I had to stop and just look around. Even though all the leaves haven't fallen to the ground yet and still felt like a could see over a mile. As you follow the trail heading to the 3 mi out point, there is a nice decline back into valley.

Runs like these are a reminder of why I love the sport as much as I do. I am seriously considering running the Buckeye Trail 50k Race this upcoming July. Should be fun right? Though my idea of fun is quite distorted.

It was an awesome run. Andrea and Jodie might think I'm crazy for doing a repeat of the 2 ridge climb as I call it. They don't exactly believe that climb as being, "so much fun" not being sarcastic. I might be a little crazy...
Andrew couldn't make it yesterday so hopefully next Sunday we can both head back to the Buckeye Trail for another fun run.