Friday, March 26, 2010

Adventure Races

One of my goals this summer is to participate in a 6-hour adventure race.
For those of you who don't know, here's a quick summary.

Adventure racing combines 2 or more endurance disciplines which may include orienteering, navigation, cross-country running (trail or road), biking, paddling, climbing, and at times rope skills are needed. These events may take hours or days. There are three main rules through out almost all races.
1-No motorized travel
2-No outside assistance
3-Teams must carry all gear

After searching around a bit, I found some local race websites that list these types of races in the general Ohio area and some surrounding states.

Anyway I found a few races that really caught my interest...but I need to team that is stupid enough to join me for a little fun.

1. The East Fork Challenge Adventure Race (
Where: Bethel, OH (near Cincinnati)
When: October 6
Length: 6 or 12 hr race

2. The Games III (
Where: Caesar Creek Harveysburg, OH
When: July 24
Length: 6 hr

3. Double Down at Dillon
Where: Dillon State Park, Zanesville, OH (
When: August 28
Length: 6 hr

4. October Surprise! (
Where: TBA
When: October 16
Length: 6hr

5. Rogaine Adventure Race (meaning on-foot only) (
Where: Great Seal State Park, Chilliocothe, OH
When: August 7
Length: 8 hr

6. Red River Gorge Classic (
Where: Slade, KY
When: November 6
Length: 12 hr

7. Shawnee Extreme (
Where: Portsmouth, OH
When: November 13
Length: 12 or 24 hr

North Face sponsored races in/around Ohio for the 2010 season:

1. I found this race on accident and I am glad I did.
Its called the Indian Run Race and takes place in Hocking Hills, OH
When: Sept 18
Length: 5k, 10k, 20k, 40k, & 60k
For more information, check out (www.

2. Stone Steps 50k (
When: October 25
Where: Cincinnati, OH
Length: 50k trail run

If anyone is interested in creating a team for these races or others, let me know!
Happy running and cycling : )