Monday, March 29, 2010

My new "drying rack"
Living in THE DORMS has some positives and negatives.
1. My bed can never be too far away when I need to crash for a nap.
2. Dining hall food might be nasty but at least its right next store.
3. ....Im sure there might be a few more...still debating.

1. I love being woken up by drunk people. 24/7
2. If your lucky enough, you'll get food poisoning from the dining hall like two of my cycling buddies recently did.
* An unfortunate, impossible task.

After 2 hrs of searching a total of 8 dryers throughout my building, I gave up the search and restorted to using my 2 tier bike mount. The package was right when it marketed as multi-purpose! Luckily, my new drying rack is awesome my cycling gear is ready for another ride.

The weather this week is perfect. No other way to describe it. Hopefully I can rock out some hw and studying and have enough time to get some nice rides in this week. Race reports from this weekend will be posted shortly.