Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Some might recognize this ionic number some may not. For me, it is my birthday filled with some wonderful anniversaries like Hitler's birthday, int'l smoke pot day, (sometimes Earth Day!), Columbine shootings, bomb threats, and some other wonderful 'holidays'.

However there is just one reason I truly dislike this day.  Somehow, every year I manage to have something diasterous occur.  For example, last year, I seperated my shoulder.  Then when walking to the Kent State healh center my umbrella broke in a complete downpoor. I was also already sick and wearing flip flops. I eventually arrive just soaking wet.  Two years ago, I was actually hit by a car.  It sounds bad but it was just more of a bump.  Anyway, I usually have I really bad luck on this day.
After yesterday though I think I broke it! No major injuries, no accidents, just one close encounter with the hood of some chick's car.  I can deal with that.

The day was really nice.  After classes, I met up with Liz and we rode the Mad Russian route eventually taking 34 business rt (10 ave) back Greeley. 
Here a map of the route:
Thanks again everyone for the birthday wishes!