Friday, April 23, 2010

Its coming to the end

Here it is, its that time of year. I am driving down with UNC cycling team to Durango, Colorado (7+hours away) a the last race packed weekend of the Rocky Mountain Collegate Cycling Conference.  Fort Lewis is the site of our last three painful events consisting of a ITT, Crit, and RR.  These are the hardest but most fun courses of the year from what I hear.

Here at UNC in Greely, Colorado it has been down pouring for the last two days non-stop so I have made frequent stops to blockbuster to entertain myself while on the trainer for a few hours.  Once I post this up, I'll stop procrastinating and get to some openers for a total of about 80-90minutes then its shower, pack and load up the car and get ready to kill this weekend.

After being ill for about 1 month, I can finally say I FEEL GOOD : )
Hopefully that translates to no getting dropped, better race strategy on my part, and some good sprinting!

If ya have not heard yet, I will be leaving for Cleveland in just 2 WEEKS Now! Crazy right?!
I am looking forward to jumping into the Ohio cycling scene and hopefully I'll make a splash.
If ya wanna ride or run this summer, let me know!