Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Days

Hey everybody.

I am officially done with class out here at UNC and Finals Week begins Tuesday afternoon and ends Thursday.  So, I am going to squeeze in another race or two for some added fun this weekend.

Depending on the weather and such, tomorrow I am going down to Golden, Colorado for a repeat at Hawks Lookout.  American Cycling Association (ACA) is hosting an ITT in the morning.  Lucky for me, there appears as if there will not be huge gusts of wind. Sunday, there is a criterium race by ACA in Longmont, Colorado about 40 minutes away.  I'll probably have a butt handed to me, but I am ready for some more fun after last weekend in Durango.

In one week, I'm shipping back in Cleveland. I've already started to pack and strip down the walls and I guess it is finally starting to hit that I am leaving beautiful open country roads in Greeley, saying bye to the best snowboarding I have ever done,  and no more swearing as I ride up Rt. 119 into Ward just West of Boulder.  Im gonna miss it, but it'll be nice to come home.