Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Heart College

I relearned a couple lessons this week just like in that Asher Roth song...
One-stop typing my study guides on my laptop, it then leads me to the Internet, then Facebook.  
Two- If I go out the night before a race, I shouldn't even bother to set an alarm for 5:30am. Three hours of sleep for 1hr of racing? Nope not gonna happen..No Way
Three- once I really get excited, I no longer have the attention necessary to study.  I bought tickets for the Flogging Molly concert in Denver this Thursday night. Ive been listening to Irish gigs for the past 48 hours straight. Im surprised my roommate hasnt killed me yet...

When Finals week comes around every year, I managed to get even better a procrastination then the year before without fail. I put in some nice rides, run, and some killer workouts at the gym.
-yesterday I rode with the team for a few hours hitting up the Windsor Wall towards Ft. Collins.
-that wasn't quite enough so I went to the gym for weight training, plyometrics, and core/strength training and a 3 mile run.

Yesterday the UNC Cycling Team finally took some team pictures. I always managed to take some horrible pictures, these were no exception. 
**This first picture if from Durango at Conference Finals.
 I realized by looking at these pictures that I am really short.

This picture's inspiration was "best bikee riding expression"