Friday, April 2, 2010


The night before a race, whether I am preping for a short 5k, marathon, bike race, etc I still get the same anxious feeling inside.  I play in the waiting game...How many hours till I start to put my myself in misery? Sure I am weird and I enjoy it, that is, expect waiting....

Rituals: We all got 'em. No matter how important or stupid they are I need to do them to be ready. I gotta say I have quite a few and most of them are pointless.  In particular, a few songs I NEED to hear before I race.  It's quite an interesting mix...The first 5 are a must. Feel free to make fun of me.

1-Drowling Pool-Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
2-The Offspring-Fix You
3-The Offspring-You're Gonna Go Far Kid
4-Jock Jams-Technotronic (Space Jam Theme)
5-Disturbd-Down With the Sickness
6-Pink-Don't Let Me Get Me
7-The Offspring-One Fine Day
8-Night at the Roxbury-This is Your Night
9-Mighty Mighty Bosstones-The Impression That I Get
10-Chumcawamba-I Get Knocked Down
11-Akon-Mama Africa
12-Biggie Smalls-Big Papa
15-Billy Currington-People Are Crazy
17-Sum 41-Fat Lip
18-Lost Prophets-Last Summer
19-Brain Adams-Summer of '69
20-Three Days Grace-Break

To Chill out:
Shwayze-Lazy Dayz