Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy Week

This past week was a little crazy and ended a little more eventful than I hoped.
I met up with a grunt girl, Trish and her friend for some rolling hill riding. We were able to get in a little over 20 miles in before going to downtown Cleveland. The Ride of Silence turned out to be a great event with I believe over 400 riders who took to the streets of Cleveland. A good speech was given twice then I rode with some Grunt Girls and other peeps for dinner.
If you would like more information on the event, here's a link:
Brick workout= Bike + Run = Fun!
Met up with some GG's down at the Boston store for a chill workout.
We need a fairly easy route:  riverview-majors rd-303-black-Columbia-riverview followed by a easy run
I went down to southern Ohio. My bro now lives in Cinci so being able to see him and through in some bike races in a sweet combo. Unfortunately I went down to Dayton to do the Tour of the Yellow Springs organized by Tim Tyler. Big mistake. Apparently the Friday evening crit was cancelled. I didn't find till well, Friday evening. I ended up just riding in and out of town.

T. of Yellow Springs Road Race: 4 laps, 45 miles
I was the only woman. Good times.
The course was actually pretty sweet. However, again poorly organized. I thought the race was called goin onto the 4th lap oh and took a wrong turn on the finish. I ended up getting a workout of it though.
I would actually go back given the chance. The town was awesome.
Through in 3 miles running around town afterwards.
Colavita TT in Deerfield, OH
12.6 mile out-n-back course on route 14
Finished in: 36:41
Good race fo sure. Well, not my time exactly. Good effort but I defiantly enjoyed the free pasta and olive oil. I'm totally making pasta tomorrow now. Considering the race entry fee id say its worth it.
This afternoon I was able to get in another 40 miles so I was stoked.

So how my week ended eventful:
If you have ever seen by beater '99 sunfire. No doubt its a Piece O Shit and Im hoping it just says another 2 years. Anyway, I decided it was time to actually clean-clean it. I ve been really lucky with injuries for the past few months. Not a singe thing. So what happens? My vacuum fell and the handle hit my f***ing foot.
Conclusion: I have a horribly swollen foot and mostly likely a stress fracture. For real.