Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ive decided I don't enjoy working a 10hr shift no matter how much I actually enjoy my job. I totally copped out tonight at 10pm and ate 2 gyros instead of a quick run at lunch. I gonna attempt to make it up tomorrow...40mi hopefully in the am then attempt a brick workout in the evening.

Westlake Crit: Great size field last night. That plus the whole foot thing gave me a good reason to chill on the back. I put in a good effort for the women's point sprint coming up on the inside but Nancy killed it. 
That wasn't the smartest move by me by choosing to sprint. I currently cannot make any plantar flexing moves with my right foot. During that sprint I had pushing down almost like digging my toes into the bottom of my shoe.  I wasn't feeling so great afterwards....

Foot Injury: So this is what ive come up with so far: it is mostly likely 1 of 2 things; 1-soft tissue injury, 2-possible fracture of the lateral and intermediate cuneiforms.

Not sure what the hell that is?!: Here ya go
The three (medial, intermediate, and lateral) cuneiform and their articulations in the foot are small and relatively well protected from injury. An isolated fracture of the lateral cuneiform is a rare finding. However, isolated injuries may occur as the result of direct trauma (VACUUM CLEANER HANDLE). We report a case of an isolated fracture of the lateral cuneiform that was not seen on initial radiographs and only became evident on plain radiographs 4 weeks after the injury. As each of the cuneiform bones articulates with four other bones in the midpart of the foot, persistent displacement of any fracture (subluxation or dislocation) may result in post-traumatic arthritis. We believe that in suspected cases with negative radiographic findings, further imaging (computed tomography or bone scanning) should be requested.

Therefore, I decided to just screw it. From past injuries and knowledge in this field, I feel like I already know what my orthopedic doctor is going say.  Then like usual, I will gladly ignore his advice as I have been going for well since I was about eleven years old.  I don't like air casts. I is a little difficult to cycle with one. Running well, it can be entertaining.

The next week or so the plan is Advil, ice, etc repeat.
Hopefully I'll be game for racing this weekend. Maybe running if I really want to test myself!!