Thursday, June 3, 2010

Road Rash is Sexy

Vacuum cleaner strikes again!!!
I need to stay away from vacuums. Recently I ve been dropping them on my right foot and well it hurts!
This time I managed to drop a full shop vac on my foot, wearing flip flops (not my most proudest moment).

-In the morning, I packed up the car and went down for the buckeye criterium in Columbus. My original plan (depending on how i was feeling) was to race the 30min crit then make my way to mid-Ohio in Lexington.
Unfortunately that did not happen. Going onto the last lap, 2 other women and myself managed a small break. Once we came out of the turn will was about 400m left till the finish. One thing lead to another and a fourth rider came in on my right.  Its hard to piece it together but I am fairly sure she hip checked me, then are handlebars hit. She went right and stayed upright while I went down hard on the left side. Shit happens. So does road rash. The majority of my left side has seen better days. No major injuries and the bike is still in working order. After couple days now I am actually starting to see SKIN!! However I do have an small hairline fracture in my pinkie. Not so bad, I have ROM its just sore and i like to complain lol.
-No pics of my crash anytime soon.
Since then Ive tried really tried to 'take it easy'. I failed. Miserably.
90 min training ride-easy to moderate tempo and working on my awesome sleeveless tan.
I hooked up with some sweet people for my first mountain bike ride. We tried to ride at West Branch but as noon passed the rain came in and we detoured down to Reagan Park in Medina for some fun riding. I gotta say it was awesome!! It felt almost natural. Needless to say I cant wait to get out again and ride the trails.
-Went up for the Tuesday night crit in West lake. 19 laps i believe equals 38 miles. I could be wrong however. I managed to get the women's $ prime. I set myself up horribly but got it. All was going well until the last corner approach. Crash. I got lucky and I'm fine. Unfortunately there were quite a few bodies all over both lanes of traffic. No major serious injuries that I can recall. I hope everyone is doing alright.
-5 mile run in the evening afterwards-very chill
Brick style workout with some GG ladies! Good job with the layout and location off of Carter Rd in Northfield/ Sagamore Hills. Alot of the women are planning on doing similar muilti-sport style races this weekend!! Good luck ladies. Ill be at the Twinsburg Du cheerin' ya on!
Upcoming Weekend:
I am driving out to Spencer IN to do a 45 mi road race with my former teammate Liz from UNC.
It should be alot of fun and a good race as a tuneup for the Ohio State RR Championships which I am sure I'll get my butt handed to me : )
IF, big if I feel good. I will try and make it out to the Millcreek crit in Youngstown on Sunday June 6.
My rant of the week:
So Ive heard some bad pickup lines in my day and good ones for that matter. This one was well played I guess I would say and this line in particular I liked. So I look at the crash-test dummy at the moment. Anyway, the line: road rash is sexy. Enough of that now.