Thursday, May 13, 2010

Prepping for Cleveland

This Sunday I will be racing the Cleveland Rite-Aid half-marathon.  I been tapering my workouts according and I am started to get that anxious feeling about it. I havent have never ran the course but Ive heard it's not bad...I might be a laughing stock since I have not been running reguarly since March.  I did a long, slow trail run to test things out this past Sunday and all went well.
1-Sub-1:38 (I am not used to running)
3-Finish the Race!!
I always try to set three goals so at least when its all over I feel like I atleast accomplished something.

Anyway, I am running the race with a friend from high school who I ran with for four years and running on behalf of Girls With Sole.  If your attending the race, say hi! I'll be wearing bright green racing flats, an orange racing singlet w/ black and green shorts. I shouldnt be hard to miss with my orange-lense oakleys either!!