Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Race Report, Westlake Crit, Ride of Silence

Race Report:

This past Sunday, May 16, was the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K road race.
As you might know, I was a little worried about my lack running lately and not getting the miles in like I should. After some pictures and meeting up with the GG team and soon enough the race just about to begin. I had the most awesome song ever that started to play. I am little embarrassed but it was The Vega Boys: We Like To Party. Needless to say, I kept repeating this song quite a bit.

The Course:
Here is a link to the half and full marathon:
The start began just East of the Convention Center while the finish line was north of the convention center. If you have ever run a 5k event or especially Fleet Feet's Turkey Trot, the course layouts typically use the same general routes. The case was the same for the start and finish portions of the race.

My personal favorite part was running through the Tremont and Ohio City neighborhoods. They are such beautiful areas and the fans were out in full force in these neighborhoods.
The most difficult course section hands-down was between 10.5-12 mile markers. There is steady incline on the bridge on Route 2 near the shore way. Add in a headwind and it can make things a little more interesting.

The Plan:
By some miracle I was hoping that even thought I haven’t even running consistently yet this season that I could still run a sub 1:40; not so much. If I wanted to recover in 48 hours, I knew I had to run around 1:45.
So I decided to run the first 10-miles as a threshold run and ease off my pace once I began to hit bridge on Rt. 2.

In the last few months, I’ve discovered just how AWESOME Coca-cola can be at times. My problem is I need fuel for a race like this but gels while running haven’t gone as well as I would like in the past. One of my teammates, Trish was down at the race for support and was able to help me out by being my "coke dealer."
I give her props. I was completely zoned out, but she ran up next to me running with a cap less Coke bottle and at the perfect time because my legs were starting to feel tight and my form was getting sloppy.

End Result:
I finished with a time of 1:45:43. I am very content and satisfied with it considering it was a training run of sorts. The pace breakdown: Est. 8:03 pace per mile.
Total mileage: 2mi warm-up + 13.5 race and pickups + est. 4 mi pacing a teammate in the full marathon = Soreness~19 mi fo sure

It was a great day for a race! I had a great time and as of right now, looking forward to it next year and Congrats to all the GG ladies!!! Lots of PR's and great races by everyone!!

Westlake Training Race Series:
Feeling sore, but wanting to get a good training in yesterday I went up to Westlake for crit race. We lucked out with the weather. There was no rain at all and just a slight wind and cool temperatures. I rode in the B race with about 11 other riders. Nothing was too eventful until 2 laps to go. I had been just chillin in the back doing nothing so I figured I’d try my luck in a pathetic break that last 5 seconds. And well I blew up horribly and eventually got my butt thrown off the back. I guess I thought my legs had a lot more left than they actually did. Oh well, it was a good training ride.

At the finish sprint (I wasn’t there but heard) there was a vehicle that had gotten in the way in the finish so the riders called one more lap to make it safe and fair for everyone involved. Anyway I guess there was some confusion. After I blew up, I felt like I was riding a freakin beach cruiser. My legs were not happy.
I'll be back next week and now that I know all the turns hopefully I won’t be bombing everyone like I get in the first 2 laps last night.

Ride of Silence:
As you might know, May is bike month. I have never met a cyclist who didn't have a story about how they had crashed, been injured, or worse known someone whose life was taken while road cycling on pubic roadways. In honor of those who been hurt, injured, or killed the Ride of Silence was created.

This evening around America the ride to raise awareness and show that we should all share the road.
The Cleveland ride begins at Cleveland City Hall at 5:45pm with a brief ceremony at 7pm following. I defiantly recommend participating. As I reminder, this is not a race or threshold ride.

I gotta get running. Hoping to get in at least 40 mi prior to the event tonight!