Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Races

Saturday's road race could have gone better. I somehow managed to get horribly lost on the first lap.

I am a little pissed off at myself about it. Oh well. After getting 35mi in I just pulled myself since I was practically 2 laps down. 4.5 mi loop but I did a 10.5 first loop bc of my off-course adventure.

Today (Sunday) was the Twinsburg Dual Race and I attempted to be the "team photographer"
Here's a link to the pictures. I took pictures of all participants and they didnt turn out half bad.

Here are acouple of the pics I thought were sweet.

Past Workouts:
F: Rest (bad idea)
Sat: 35 miles
Sun: 5 mi easy running (39.28)....maybe acouple more (8-10mi) this evening

This upcoming week:
M-est 20 mi bike; 5-8mi run
T-westlake crit
W-5-8mi run am; 30 mi bike pm
Th-group brick workout
Sun-Ohio State RR
( or something close to this hopefully w some weights and a swim session)