Friday, June 11, 2010


Work has really messed up my workouts. I got in what I could.
S: 5 mi easy -run
M: 25 miles w/ 3 hill  intervals-bike
T: 28/30 est. miles-bike; 2.5mi mod. pace-run
Th: BRick w.o.-25mi bike; 4 mi run @ sub 8 (7:40-50 pace)

I realized today i have less than five weeks till my 31 mile trail race. My last long run??? ....wait for it (i even had to bust out a calender to check) May 8. pathetic i know. I guess I can 'count' the Cleveland half-marathon even though it served another purpose in training. Even so, that was on May 16. Anyway ya look at it, I have some long training runs that are critical. Most likely Wednesday this upcoming week, ill be running 13-16miles on the buckeye trail starting around 6pm if anyone is interested in joining.

I'm signed up for the ohio state road race this Sunday down south. it should be fun yet challenging. 52 miles n some change for the womens cat 1-4 race.