Friday, June 18, 2010

Full time work, workouts, and this weekend

Full Time Work. Its hard. I mean really hard. For those of you who have not had the 'pleasure' to experience this part of life yet think about it. Work-no matter how rewarding or enjoyable it may be, it can still kick your ass day after day. Now throw in your training schedule. To get those hours in, you wake up by 4:45am and are on the bike by 5am-finish, shower, and out the door for work by 7am. Attempting to remember to eat-im so guilty of this.  Once you arrive the day starts around 8am-5am. BUT nope there can be those last minute projects, deadlines, or last minute meetings so you walk out the door at 6pm. Whats next? The sane person
would-drive home, veg out w some tunes or TV, pick up some fast food then pass out. The athlete whose training? Work to describe them: insane. After a 10 hr work day, that person laces up the running shoes or hops on the road or mtb bike for a little pain and suffering as if the long work day wasn't enough. They go home and get ready to do it all over again the next day.

I have alot of respect for you if you fall into this category. Through Thursday this week, I am at 44 hours of work since Monday. So far I have learned several things about myself:
1-the majority of my meals are ate in the car
2-I could survive out of my car for 3 days or so with how much crap i have packed just in case
3-Ive decided sleep is for pussies-but i am in desperate need for 8  hrs
4- Ive gotten to a new level in what i like to call being 'slap happy'
5-i consumed the equivalent of 12 espresso shots the other day and felt nothing.

6-dark chocolate covered espresso beans just might be the best thing ever invented.
I conquered caffeine's ass

Sun: State Road Race-6th place in 52 mi race
(64mi total for the day)
Mon: 20 mi ride, 3 mi run
Tues: 40 mi ride, 2 mi run
Wed: 35 mi ride, gym for weights/core/strength
Th: 25 mi night ride

F: 45mi bike
S: 30 mi road bike, 15 mtb bike
Sun: Sprint Dual
**another 3 mi running hopefully somewhere and bike mileage**

In other news:
I finally decided that after a good collegiate season out in Colorado, and I moved up a cat up to a category 3

This Upcoming Weekend:
On Saturday, one thing I have to do is make it out to Quail Hollow for the bike demo day. Ive heard alot about it and I'm pumped. Bring an ID and credit card then I can try out some sweet bikes? HELL YES I'M IN!
On Sunday I have kind of a big race for me because I have not raced a sprint dualthlon competitively in two years. I have no idea whether my base from the previous race is even relevant. The race is near Toledo put on by HPF Racing at I believe Maumee Bay.

If your heading out to the race, awesome let me know and I'll look out for you.