Monday, June 21, 2010

Great Weekend

Saturday started off awesome.  Pam from Grunt Girl Racing held a cycling clinic at the Medina square to help train cyclists that are new to the racing scene for the upcoming Twin Sizzler in Medina on July 4 weekend. I was able to meet up with them and road half of the course then headed off to Reagan Park down the street practically for some MTB.  Ive only been out mountain biking twice, once on a front suspension and then this Saturday a full suspension.  I am starting to feel really comfortable.  I should have started riding mtb a year or two ago.

I spent Saturday prepping for the Maumee Bay race outside of Toledo.  4 A.M. alarm. Luckily I know what song to program when I cannot afford to hit the snooze alarm: George Michael's-Wake Me Up Before You Go. I know if I don't get up right away and sprint to turn off the alarm, that song could be stuck in my head all day.
Sat: 15mi road; 2hrs mtb @ Reagan park

I haven't done a race breakout lately-its a little lengthy:
Sunday: Arrived with plenty of time to set up all my gear, double check the route through the transition and did a warm up. ( I defiantly should have ran another 10mins w some pickups to get myself ready for a fast 5k)
There were 750 competitors in total racing sprint/Olympic dual, sprint/Olympic tri's.
I raced the Sprint Dualthlon: 5k run, 20k bike, 5k run

Run 1: I went out a few seconds fast in the first mile than I would have liked. If I did a proper warm-up, the pace of 6:30 probably wouldn't have bothered though. Gary Burkholder was pacing me till the turn around in the run. I passed one women before the turn around and only saw 2 ahead of me. My second mile clip was pretttttyyy slow at around 7:30. I settled back into a rhythm but I was passed by that woman from earlier (4th place).  Finished the run in an estimated 21:47 (7:00mi + 47 sec for .1mi). 
Transition: I had a smooth and fast transition. I was around the 30 second mark from entering to exit.
Bike: The night before I made the necessary adjustments on my road bike with the saddle, adding adjustable aerobars, etc. I wasn't long before a caught what I thought was 3rd and 2nd place on the bike.  I did feel a little slow on the bike hovering around 21 mph throughout.  I guess I did past more people compared to the amt that past me. (Under 39min; not sure on official results)
Transition: It could have gone worse. In years past when my focus on multi-sport, I thought I was skilled at being able to loosen up the road shoe, putting my feet on top then dismounting the bike and running it in. What ended up happening was when I dismounted, I clipped my road shoes.  I ended up trying to run with them hangin on. I lost a few seconds so when I had trouble getting my shoes on I just slipped them on loose and hit the ground running. I changed out the laces to ibungee laces an hour before the race.  It really helped me in the end.
Run 2:  I am not about my mile clips though I hit the transition at 1:05then finished the run in 1:29.
I probably ran 7:45-8:00 miles for a 24:00 5k roughly.

My final official time was 1:29:07 and I was the first female overall. 16th within the Men's field.
This was the first race of the season for multi-sport and I have alot of room for improvement.  I don't think Ill have a problem doing a sub 1:25 by the end of the season.
I figure I can take 1 min off in run 1; 30 sec off in transition; 90 secs off in the bike; and 2 mins off in run 2.

Congrats to Snakebite Racing, Fleet Feet, Spin Second Sole, and all the other race teams that represented Cleveland at Maumee Bay on Sunday!!  Gary had an awesome race! 5th overall and 1st in age group for his first race!!

Yesterday was also the Lulu 5k in Cleveland and the Grunt Girls did an awesome job representing!

To top off Sunday, racing in the morning just wasn't enough. So Gary and I rode to Lakewood then back.  Probably additional 50 miles (I think).

Needless to say, Monday is a REST DAY (for the legs)
-maybe an easy swim and some weight lifting in the afternoon.
*I not good at taking complete rest days...