Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prepping for an Epic Weekend

Weight lifting session early afternoon
MTB TT at Thorn Trail-this time I did not get lost and actually rode well considering.   As I was about to go off, we heard about a guy who went down hard in the trails. It seemed like he hit a tree.  When you see someone with blood with on their face, down their arm, and a face that looks like death I begin to wonder why I try to see just how fast I can dodge around trees, roots, rocks, and all of the above.

The guy was taken to the hospital I believe, I wish him the best. I rode a chill 59min something. I was pretty nervous when I went out afraid that I was gonna eat it i took it slower at first

I went out to Reagean Park to see how fast I could ride the first smaller loop out of Huffman Park. After an easy warm-up.  I was able to ride a 13:10, 13:22, and 12:50-ish. No idea if these times are any good but I felt strong.
Afterwards I joined a pick-up soccer team in Sville with about 30 people I used to play with on leagues. There are two reason why I dont play anymore: 1-I do not have the ability to cut or turn, 2-I Suck at soccer. 90 mins playing and I was done.

The Weekend Ahead-
So I try to avoid words such as "legit" "epic" However this weekend will be nothing short of EPIC and leaves me with this thought:

 "I want to be as tired as i can get without actually dieing on a regular basis and i want to do it in really tight clothes with a bunch of other sweaty people in direct sunlight"-Gabriel

Saturday wake up call: 4:30am
-arrive at the race start at 6:00am
-race begins at 7am for 31.64 miles *WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO*
9mi Thorn time trail after having trashed legs

Last weekend at TOV I got made fun of because of all my pre-race rituals...
1-My drink mix has to be a certain way
2-I must use my inhaler over, and over, and over again then pop some Advil, Tylenol, oh then another inhaler
3-I race BEST when i feel like I just need to RAGE. you can bet i have some music from The Offspring, Eminem, and probably every song Hova aka Jay Z ever sang waiting to pump me up along with some awful 90s dance music.
My Secret:
4-As far as trail running is concerned-i am convinced that Coca-Cola and Chocolate-covered espresso beans is the best trail fuel ever created. I will make sure I have me a 'Coke' & 'Chalk' dealer waiting for me and the aid stations/check-in stops so I can get my fix