Monday, July 19, 2010

It ain't broke, it just lacks Duct Tape!

Common uses for Duct Tape:
Duct tape is commonly used in situations that require a strong, flexible, long lasting adhesive, particularly when exposure to the elements is a concern.

Alternative uses for Duct Tape: (There are even books about duct tape selling over 1.5 million copies)
1-Christmas light-impregnated duct tape space suit costumes used by Chicago based rock band Ophur.
2-Model ship made with unusual materials: rolled-up tubes of paper, Express Mail labels, and duct tape.
3-Fashion pieces (such as duct tape prom dresses and handbags)
12-As a quick fix, duct tape can be used as a temporary bandage, until proper medical treatment and bandages can be applied to a wound.

. Which finally leads me to my point.
"It ain't broke, it just lacks Duct Tape!"

The Buckeye 50k had a nice, early start time of 7am.  I hate even thinking it but I felt due for an injury...
I knew the trails, the locations of the aid stations, and it felt like just another training run with a few more people out to enjoy the trails along the way. 

Not even 4k into the event I took a decent spill while attempting to jump across a creek. I ended up trippin up both feet and semi-face planting on the bank. After that, it turned bad. I had trouble controlling where I was going (ft/ankles) and could not flex/extend to my full ROM. So every few minutes, I found myself eating dirt. I started asking for "tape" at the first aid station and by Pine Lane I might have killed someone or done the smart thing and quit if I didn't heard the words DUCT TAPE.

It is a glorious thing. I was able to use the tape to help support and stabilize both ankles. It was especially need because my worse fall of all happened between the Boston store and pine lane. I strained my left hamstring, landed directly on my left knee cap (the knee I have a torn ACL but no surgery) and moved my ankle in a way I did not know was possible. Duct Tape fixed me temporarily.
Even with some issues, I still ran a 2:47 for 25k, only 2 minutes off my target but at that point finishing was all I had in mind.

I was doing okay until Boston Store. I used up the rest of the duct tape but I began to realize, running on an ankle that's loose and felt like nothing is attached, is well difficult. I struggled horribly through the rest of the race. Sorry to anyone who encountered me.  All I wanted to do was rage. I was upset with myself for not stopping because I fear I caused some serious damage. I had the song "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" by Drowning Pool stuck in my head.  I wasn't in the greatest place mentally.

The distance or the race itself (minus injury) was not bad at all. I am not trying to sound cocky or anything but I know I''ll run more ultras in the future just not single track trails where I am not afraid I am going to trip on everyone I see.

One favor I ask: Please do not ask me to join you for a TRAIL RUN anytime soon.

Update: I get to see my ole buddy ole pal at the Strongsville Cleveland Clinic Tracy Bellock in the sport medicine department on Wednesday. He has not had to see me in awhile so he probably misses seeing my broken ass.
X-rays from Urgic Care do not appear to show any broken bones. *They are not good at reading x-rays*

What it means:
1-They might suck and just misread the x-rays
2-Stress fractures are more likely to appear a few days later
3-Maybe I'll get to use my favorite machine AKA MRI again
4-No broken bones?=possible tendon damage!! *Harder overall recovery*
5-Maybe I just have chronic sprains of both ankles w the left being worse yesterday, yet the right today.
6-Maybe I get to catch up with the phys. therapy team at Sville Clinic its been awhile

I can walk kinda. Unfortunately I think I am going to need some assistance from crutches again today considering I already fell down my stairs. No pain, no gain right? Worse of all, I just want to go to the gym and start lifting again. 

Great job Grunt Girls. Sorry I did not hang around afterwards. I had issues just standing.