Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tour of the Valley

Tour of the Valley = SUCKFEST

Stage 1- Time Trial
-um so I finished. Yep that's ABOUT it.
-oh and I stayed upright on the bike
21th out of 23 (i think)
I do look pretty cool in the new shades however!

Stage 2- Road Race 33mi
-2 dropped chains because I apparently forgot how to shift.
-Add that plus my two stress fractures in my left foot. It went numb around the 7 mi mark. I guess I should wear an air cast. Oh but I am too suborn...and Ima dumbass
-Bad cramp in my left thigh from yardwork from Friday.
(I am full of stupid excuses)
Ok so after my second dropped chain prior to QOM climb, I gave up basically until Angie from Snakebite came from behind.  We did work well together and had almost caught the next female rider.  Unfortunately things were not going for us and we missed a turn. Busy intersection etc we added on another 2 mins. Some time later 3 women caught us and we formed a 5 woman chase pack.
-Finished/survived and managed to "sprint" (ah but it did suck) out the finish taking first in the 5 women chase field that formed.
24 out of 33 (i think)

Pshhhh... Bad Day.
Margaritas tonight. Enough said.

It was a challenging course. There was a lot of great riding out there today and yesterday.  The Women's fields are amazingly strong! Shout out to Pam from Grunt Girls!!! You get kicked some butt today! Sorry I couldn't catch ya after the chain droppin.

Tomorrow is the Crit in Youngstown:
If I finish and I don't crash. It'll be a success.
Im feeling like a need break after this.

Next weekend:
Saturday- Buckeye 50k
Sunday- Thorn Time Trial

I am going to do the NEO Power Series.  If you wanna good laugh, come see me attempt the Thorn time trial in Wellington the day AFTER my 31.64mi trail race in the Cuyahoga Valley.