Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekly Workouts

I find that if I don't write down my workouts-I know I'll start slacking..

August 16-August 22:
Monday-1hr easy ride; 1hr high-intensity spin class; 1hr lifting (biceps, triceps, shoulders); 30min. of core strength; 15 mins cooldown on bike commute

Tuesday--30mins easy riding; 1hr mid-high intensity spin class; 30 lifting (chest, back, legs); 20min of core strength---evening: Tuesday Night Westlake Championships!!

Wednesday-Lifting (biceps, triceps, shoulders); 30 mins of core, easy 1hr training ride

Thursday--1hr moderate-intensity spin class, 90 mins easy training ride, hiked the Shatter the Silence trail run setting up the course then ran it while trying to control chaos. Hiked/Ran: 10+ miles


Saturday--copped out the Rubber City & took pics-rode a few laps for fun then went out for a 2 hr tempo/threshold ride

Sunday--4 hr training ride around Cleveland with some solid hill climbs thrown in along the way
Sunday's Route: Actually was a little longer than 4 hrs. I stopped the Garmin with about 6mi to go..

Bike: 15 hrs
Run/Hike: 10+ miles