Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stark State Cross and OMBC MTB

I had another fun weekend of racing which started at the Kent State Stark campus in Canton.
Saturday was the Stark Velo cross race. The course design is awesome and the dry conditions made the course completely different from last year.  I think I took 7th in the women's B sport field. Alot of strong women were there today. Great races performances all around.

Today, Sunday, I went out to West Branch for the OMBC Series. I was feeling good and well it was about time so I moved up to Sport class for the race with some encouragement. I ended up taking 3rd in Women's Sport out of 7/8? I'm pretty stoked about it and I am starting feel really comfortable on the MTB.

 Congrats to my teammates, Diana and Lee how both had an awesome race cross race and Saturday! I was also to talk Lee into doing another first-MTB race at West Branch. BA move :)

I saw some great riding at both races this weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped make it all happen!

 Next Up: Hopefully I'll get in a ride at Reagan Park this week prior to the Reagan MTB TT Race on Sunday.
Here are some sweet pics from Saturday's Race!

The funniest part of the weekend was when I rode over an underground bee's nest during the MTB Race. I got the ass.. twice!