Monday, October 4, 2010

Reagan MTB TT

Sunday was the 4th out of 5 races in the NEO Power Series. It started raining Saturday and continued off and on for the next day so the conditions of the trails was indeed questionable.  The trails was in actually in great shape for the conditions and going off in the back of the pack with 30 seconds gaps in between riders.

I was feeling good right off the start but just a few minutes in I hit the creek crossing and then started to incline and I somehow unclipped  kinda digging the pedal into my ankle. Weird-lots of pain but then intense tingling sensation set in afterwards.

I kept riding thinking if I stopped I wasn't going to start again.  I had some issues riding through out that generally related back to the whole left ankle situation. In the last five minutes or so on the Huffman trail, I somehow found a tree. Right handlebar then the right side of my head-not my smartest move ever. Never saw it coming, but then if I did I probably wouldn't have hit the damn tree. When I got up I was little out of it and I thought i might have broke a shifter, so I picked up this part and rode into the finished around 59 mins. My shifters and bike are fine : ) I mistaken a broken bell? from like a trek bike as a possible missing part from my shifter.

Conclusion:  After this series I will move up to Sport in all MTB Races.  My ankle looks multi-color now :) I got a pretty sunflower for the podium! I have little feeling in my foot-nerve issues?? But yeah I finished!