Wednesday, October 13, 2010

UCI 3 Cross Weekend

This past weekend I went down to the Cincinnati area for three fun-filled days of cross racing.

Cyclo Stampede:
Woke up super early Friday morning to arrive in Covington, KY around 10am. The course this year was completely different than last year. The terrain was rough, filled with divots, and well hard. The course didn't give at all and had couple sections that had some massive holes and tricky sections. I heard through passing that one girl had a broken collarbone and another had some serious damage to the elbow. I got lucky with a second row spot on the starting line and a fast start helped keep me up in front till.....I blew up after the first lap, Someone managed to get 5th in the Women's 3/4.

Friday night I had dinner with Emily and her friends Clayton and Ashley Friday night. Great dinner and we even had BICYCLE SHAPED PASTA.

Java Johnnys:
This might have been my favorite course overall for the weekend. It offered a little of everything. Once again I had a descent start but just couldn't hold it. Lungs weren't in good shape. I was just trying to hang. On the last 2 short hills I was able to pick off 2 more women and held it on the pavement to the finish line. 11th overall.

Harbin Park:
After hurtin on day 2, I made sure I drugged myself up, had 3 breathing treatments (I am allowed to this-I gots tha ASTHMA).  I was so out of it. I mean really out of it. I honestly was not sure if I would finish let alone have a good race. Second row start on the road that goes off up to the left into the grass, I was surprised how good at felt considered how dead I felt before the start. I almost biffed it every time through on the uphill sand-pit but ended on a good note by passing three women on the final 400m grass slight incline finish.

Awesome weekend. No lie. I got to spend the weekend with some pretty awesome people. Cleveland came and represented.