Friday, December 3, 2010


Luck. It 's a funny thing. I seem to have the true 'luck of the Irish' these days..I was lacking motivation there for awhile but I've moved on....I am getting pumped up again and I am starting to plan out 2011. However there is something that well sits in my way. Ive gotten to the point where I can almost barricade myself in with bicycles. But there sits the stares at me.

The TRAINER: aka torture device. Ive been riding on the trainer about 5 hours a week with about 3 hours on a spinning bike the past two weeks.

My legs are starting to feel good...BUT at WHAT COST?

Sure you can watch a movie or some TV while on the trainer....However, after a certain amount of time, I feel like I am losing brain cells. That's when I hit the spin bikes in the studio. At least there I have a stereo where I can blast music to a point where I think I might off deaf and I can stare at mirror which makes seconds feel like minutes. I seriously hate these mirrors and I just don't get the point. Is this supposed to be motivating? Or just remind me that I am spinning in place, not moving. at all.

The point of my rant is this. I am going to stop..sooner or later that is and just ride outside. Sure there's always that chance of frostbite..everyone always likes to point but how often how it actually happen? I don't need fingers and toes anyway! Brain cells....though. That shit is IMPORTANT!

(Things wrong with this picture: 1-calendar still says August, 2-Yes, I have a muscle dude cutout behind my TV, 3-my guitar is not being played, can you name anything else?)

Races...and places...and paces   I can rhyme yo.

Dec: At the end of the month, I'm thinking of running the Great New Years Eve Run in Stow, OH. It a quite challenging 5k. Especially if the weather sucks.
Jan: Starting in 2011 the Vulture's Knob winter series cross races through out Jan & Feb to keep in shape:
Feb: Run with your Heart Trail 15k Race on the 13th....
March: Catch a Leprechaun Road 15k put on by NCN Racing

Then comes the road/mtb season...
My main races this upcoming year could possibly be.....
June-I am planning on racing the Mohican 100k...ah I think.
July- XTERRA Off-road Tri
August- First of all, I want to say, yes I really AM 'that' stupid...OK, I signed up for the leadville 100 lottery. I'll know Jan 31, 2011 IF I'm in..Then well my season will really revolve around the mountain bike this upcoming year. There's something about signing up for an event when I honestly doubt my own ability and drives me and that I live for...Nothing better than during the race you start to wonder if this is even humanly possible.

Other than that, quite a mix of road cycling, some dualthlons, and running to keep it fun.

Oh I almost forgot! Last weekend I um told my doc tas told 'cyclocross is a very safe sport!...blah blah blah. I decided to wake up 330am college style. I swear in College night n day sometimes don't bothering people. Crazy right. Anyway I went down to Dayton to race in the Women's 3/4 open (under 34) and well finished and with no injuries. There were a few ladies from out-of-state soooo yours truly got lucky and took third in the state! hah! (really 7th....) I still got a cool medal lol. I am a Dork. End of Story.